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Blended Learning


Blended Learning

Engage us as your partners to…

  • build your blended learning strategy utilizing online learning, facilitator-led learning, on-the-job training, and coaching.
  • develop custom solutions to your learning and development needs.
  • provide skilled facilitators and speakers in the areas of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence.
  • certify internal facilitators to deliver diversity and inclusion training and coaching.


Contact us at 407-859-1191 or email us HERE.

What Clients Say

	Diversity Inclusion Center's Blended Learning with Leslie Aguilar

Leslie, when I think about working with you and with your organization, I think about the ease with which we were able to get the job done. You captured our culture and what we were looking for so easily and delivered just the right kind of program for us with the right tone. You are very easy to work with, you hear your customer, and you deliver what your customer has asked for. There are two important pieces to me. First, your very broad, appreciative approach allowed us to look at the diversity question in a new way. You got us thinking about similarities and differences, and thinking about creating an environment that is inclusive rather than exclusive. How useful this is – it yields results in performance for the organization in the long term! Secondly, but certainly not least, from a Bean perspective, you provided very useful tools. Tools to use when confronted with a situation – or in advance of – tools that allow us to think things through, to think differently, and to behave differently as a result of your training sessions at Bean.

Anne M. Sowles
Director, Total Quality Human Resources, L.L. Bean


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Information coming soon!


Information coming soon!

For More Information

Email us or call us at 407-859-1191 for more information.

Governmental, Educational and Nonprofit Discount Codes

For governmental, educational and nonprofit organizations, add the appropriate discount code when checking out:

GOVERNMENTAL 10% Government Discount Code: GOV10
EDUCATIONAL 25% Education Discount Code: EDU25
NONPROFIT 25% Nonprofit Discount Code: NP25
DISCOUNT EXCEPTIONS: Items not eligible for discounts include: Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts [Book]; From Jokes to Genocide; Diversity Competencies Assessment
Please call 407.859.1191 for governmental, educational and nonprofit discounts on workshop facilitation, keynote presentations and custom learning design services.

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