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D&I eLearning | Online Learning


a powerful option in your learning and development toolkit.

Easy-to-absorb, engaging content and activities that build critical knowledge and skills.

The content is contemporary, relevant and it’s not boring. Your employees will actually want to complete these modules.

2023 UPDATE! Understanding the T in LGBTQ!
Laptop screen showing Diversity & Inclusion eLearning Program

Diversity & Inclusion eLearning
Interactive 30- to 60-minute self-paced, guided eLearning modules that help supervisors, managers, leaders and staff expand their Diversity & Inclusion knowledge, comfort level, and competency. Includes both employee and customer scenarios.

2023 UPDATE! Understanding the T in LGBTQ!
Laptop screen showing "Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts" Online Learning Experience

Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts Online Learning Experience
30-minute individual self-paced, guided eLearning program. Based on the ground-breaking Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts video, this powerful program enables learners to explore communication skills for promoting inclusion and respect in the workplace.

Close-up of keyboard with purple highlighted key that reads "BENEFITS"

Benefits to Learners

  • Learn at their own pace and in their own space
  • Chunk learning into short periods for better retention
  • Access information when needed
  • Revisit key information and concepts, as needed
  • Experience various learning and interaction methodologies

Benefits to Organization

  • Eliminate travel and classroom costs
  • Ensure consistency of message
  • Easily reach employees across multiple locations & time zones
  • Reuse the learning to reinforce key messages without additional costs
  • Access to reporting metrics

Whenever I evaluate how effective a learning program is, I pay attention to three things:

1. Does it get the job done? YES!

2. Will people learn and be able to fix their mistake? YES, and in a way this is the most important criterion because it's a learning program.

3. Will people enjoy the process? YES, I sure did!

For creating a common understanding of diversity and inclusion concepts the Ouch! e-learning course is fantastic. Well done!

Dr. Robin Johnson

Professor and Author of the textbook, Organizational Behavior: A Multicultural Approach