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White and yellow shopping bag that reads "DIVERSITY & INCLUSION STORE"

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Yellow exclamation point alerting buyers to adjust quantities in cart before purchase

Please adjust / confirm / update your quantities before checking out.

SHIPPING: Orders placed after 2:00 pm Eastern time will ship the next day.

RUSH ORDERS: If you need urgent or overnight shipping, please call us at 407-859-1191 once you have completed your order to confirm expedited shipping.

DISCOUNTS: For governmental, educational and nonprofit organizations, add the appropriate discount code in the field below your order details.


10% Government Discount Code: GOV10


25% Education Discount Code: EDU25

25% BUNDLES Discount: Bundle-EDU-NP

[can be used in conjunction with EDU25 on other eligible, non-bundled items]


25% Nonprofit Discount Code: NP25

25% BUNDLES Discount: Bundle-EDU-NP

[can be used in conjunction with NP25 for other eligible, non-bundled items]

DISCOUNT EXCEPTIONS: Items not eligible for discounts include: Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts [Book]; Diversity Competencies Assessment; Bundled Specials [GOV10 Discount – You will receive automatic 15% Bundle Discount instead]

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