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Elevate individual, team and organizational performance in an evolving world.

Assisting leaders in strategic planning and learning in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural competence.

Diversity & Inclusion Center provides strategic planning and powerful learning solutions to organizations in support of:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)
  • Building Cultural and Language Competencies
  • Customer Care in a Diverse World
  • Inclusive Communication
  • Inclusion Change Agents & Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our custom-designed DE&I solutions – facilitation and coaching, books, videos, eLearning, instruments and assessments – have reached well over 1,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world.

As your partner in creating an inclusive environment where all individuals are treated with respect and are able to do their best work, we work with you to elevate individual, team and organizational performance.

Founded in 1992, we are a certified women-owned consulting firm serving clients in corporate, government, non-profit and educational institutions.

Leslie Aguilar, founder of Diversity & Inclusion Center, is the most thorough and conscientious developer I have ever worked with. That’s why I continue to use her work year after year.

Bill Hertan

Founder, Central Florida Diversity Learning Series and President, TRI Partners, Inc.


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Diversity & Inclusion Center consultants help organizations foster inclusion, equity and cultural competence in order to …

attract and retain talent, elevate performance, enhance the customer experience, and reach your business objectives.

We partner with our clients to provide DE&I …

  • Consulting and Thought Partnership
  • Strategic Planning and Guidance
  • Learning Strategy, Curriculum Design, and Training / Facilitation
  • Assessment / Coaching / Talent Development
  • Support for Employee Resource Groups
  • Alignment of your Initiatives with Organizational Values, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Learning Strategy and Design

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Learning Strategy and Design

Leslie Aguilar is the Design Lead for Diversity & Inclusion Center’s learning solutions. She is known as one of the most creative and impactful instructional designers in the DE&I arena. Leslie first honed her Learning and Development skills with The Disney Company (Disney University – Curriculum Development & Quality Control, and Disneyland Paris – Human Resources) with a focus on Employee Onboarding, the Guest Experience, Leadership Development and Intercultural Competence. She and her team have since developed DE&I learning solutions for clients across a broad range of industry sectors.

Leslie collaborates with a diverse team of subject matter experts to create targeted custom solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. Through our blended learning tools — books, videos, eLearning, assessment instruments, curriculum design, facilitation, Train-The-Trainer certification / coaching — the Diversity & Inclusion Center team has helped individuals and organizations elevate their performance.

Before rolling out custom or off-the-shelf learning solutions within an organization, we work with our clients to create a Learning Strategy. This strategic learning approach integrates the learning solution(s) into the organizational culture, aligned with the organization’s mission and values, key business needs and objectives, and existing performance and learning initiatives.

Learning Resources

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Learning Resources

Resources Key:
Assessment, Book, Elearning, Keynote, Strategic Planning Process, Video, Workshop

We develop customized and off-the-shelf tools – books, videos, eLearning, instruments and assessments – for advancing diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice in the workplace and world.

Our strategic planning and learning solutions have been utilized by over 1,000 organizations, universities, government and not-for-profit agencies around the world. Some of the ground-breaking solutions designed, developed or co-developed by Diversity & Inclusion Center CEO, Leslie Aguilar, include:


  • Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts (BEKVW)
  • Ouch! Your Silence Hurts (KVW)
  • Diversity Competencies Assessment (A)
  • DiversiScan: Scanning the Environment for Diversity-Related Issues and Opportunities (AKSW)
  • Exploring Diversity & Inclusion (EW)
  • Multicultural Customer Service (ABKW)
  • Providing Outstanding Service in a Diverse World (KVW)
  • Navigating Conscious and Unconscious Bias in Customer Care (KW)
  • Building Cultural and Language Competencies (W)


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Our experienced DE&I professionals facilitate the learning and skills necessary to build inclusive workplaces and high-performing organizations. Through facilitated assessments, meetings, keynotes, workshops and executive coaching, we partner with you to further individual, team and organizational success.

We believe in developing internal change agents to strengthen your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Many of our learning resources, such as Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts and Ouch! Your Silence Hurts training kits, include full support for leading the interactive workshops, enabling your internal facilitators to successfully lead the training. We are available to provide co-facilitation, facilitator coaching, and Train-the-Trainer Certification, if desired

Keynote Presentations

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Keynote Presentations

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion keynote presentations are engaging, thought-provoking and applicable to the challenges and opportunities presented in today’s organizations and society. Sample topics include:

  • Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

  • Ouch! Your Silence Hurts

  • DiversiScan: Scanning the Environment for Diversity-Related Issues and Opportunities

  • Exploring Diversity & Inclusion

  • Multicultural Customer Care: Providing Outstanding Service in a Diverse World

  • Navigating Conscious and Unconscious Bias in the Customer Experience

I invited Leslie Aguilar to facilitate the DiversiScan™ workshop as the keynote for the 2016 Diversity Research Symposium. DiversiScan™ adapted well to an academic setting. It is a comprehensive, flexible, highly adaptable road map that allows people in all tiers of an organization to make valuable input regarding the current state of affairs and future priorities of diversity.

The instrument design is excellent, and the method of implementing it permits people of different ranks to come together comfortably and create honest exchange, leading to insight and synergy.

Highly important in the success of this model is facilitation. I had the good fortune to have Leslie Aguilar facilitate the workshop. Among her many strengths include her thorough advance research into the background of an organization, which she uses to adjust DiversiScan™ to particular settings. On site, we benefited from Leslie's experience, charisma, approachability, and skill at facilitation.

I was pleased with the results and recommend DiversiScan™ as a way to effectively map diversity goals, needs, and accomplishments in any setting.

Michael Jackman

Academic Affairs Diversity Coordinator, Organizer 2016 Diversity Research Symposium, Indiana University Southeast

Diversity & Inclusion Center Services …