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Defeating Unconscious Bias | Video


Defeating Unconscious Bias

Three realistic vignettes show the impact of hidden bias in the workplace. Demonstrates five practical tools people can use to counter their own unconscious biases. Based on the work of Dr. Sondra Thiederman.

Includes 14-minute video, Leader’s Guide for a 90-minute training session, PowerPoint, Post-Test Handout and 25 Reminder Cards.

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For more information or to preview Defeating Unconscious BiasFor more information or to preview Defeating Unconscious Bias video, click VIDEO PREVIEW – or – TRAINER’S PAGE – or – PDF


We now offer an online “Trainer’s Page” for Defeating Unconscious Bias facilitators!

The Trainer’s Page allows you to stream as many sessions as you would like during your one-year subscription. You can utilize the streaming link for in-person learning sessions or for virtual classroom use such as Teams or Zoom meetings. Only the facilitator will have access to this link — it cannot be accessed by individual learners.

NOTE about USBs and DVDs: As of September 1, 2022, we no longer provide training videos in USB or DVD format. Unfortunately, these formats are increasingly unusable due to evolving computer security restrictions prohibiting the use of external devices or third-party software.

Contact Diversity & Inclusion Center HERE for more information.

Click HERE to sign-up, purchase and access the Trainer’s Page.


Mobile device with screen that reads "Defeating Unconscious Bias 5 Strategies" (streaming licenses)

$750.00 [100 trainees @ $7.50 ea]
$1,875.00 [250 trainees @ $7.50 ea]
$3,000.00 [500 trainees @ $6.00 ea]
$5,000.00 [1000 trainees @ $5.00 ea]

Contact us at 407-859-1191 or email us HERE to purchase a Defeating Unconscious Bias streaming license.

For other quantities, please call 407-859-1191 or email us HERE.




Laptop screen showing "Defeating Unconscious Bias" eLearning $1,125.00 [100 trainees @ $11.25 ea]
$2,812.50 [250 trainees @ $11.25 ea]

Contact us at 407-859-1191 or email us HERE about Defeating Unconscious Bias eLearning and to discuss eLearning quantities, implementation and LMS hosting charges.


Contact us at 407-859-1191 or email us HERE.

What Clients Say

Yellow box that reads "Defeating Unconscious Bias" above an image of a woman's face

This 14-minute video offers 5 simple, actionable, and memorable strategies to enhance workplace productivity and innovation by addressing bias. The authenticity and diversity of the scenarios utilized keeps your attention, and the solutions suggested support change without blame.

Deborah Dagit
Deb Dagit Diversity LLC


Yellow box that reads "Defeating Unconscious Bias" above an image of a woman's face

You can’t change what you don’t know and you will not act on what you don’t acknowledge. Defeating Unconscious Bias is a powerful learning resource that encourages honest, personal awareness by reinforcing inclusive behaviors that will ultimately benefit all.

Poppie M. Parish
Senior VP, D&I, Key Bank


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Weight 1 lbs

TRAINER'S PAGE: Defeating Unconscious Bias Training Program, STREAMING: Defeating Unconscious Bias, CARDS: Defeating Unconscious Bias Reminder Cards, ELEARNING: Defeating Unconscious Bias


TRAINER'S PAGE,, Streaming License [100 trainees @ $7.50 ea], Streaming License [250 trainees @ $7.50 ea], Streaming License [500 trainees @ $6.00 ea], Streaming License [1000 trainees @ $5.00 ea], Package of 25 Reminder Cards, eLearning License [100 trainees @ $11.25 ea], eLearning License [250 trainees @ $11.20 ea]

Pricing and Quantity Discounts

TRAINER’S PAGE: $749.00 [Small Team: 1 – 5 facilitators]; $1,149.00 [Medium Team: 5 – 14 facilitators]; $1,950.00 [Large Team: 15 – 29 facilitators]; Call for Pricing [Enterprise Subscription: 30 or more facilitators]

TRAINER’S PAGE, Special Event Three-Day Access (per course): $250.00 [Small Team: 1 – 5 facilitators]

STREAMING LICENSES: $750.00 [100 trainees @ $7.50 ea]; $1,875.00 [250 trainees @ $7.50 ea]; $3,000.00 [500 trainees @ $6.00 ea]; $5,000.00 [1000 trainees @ $5.00 ea]

eLEARNING: $1,125.00 [100 trainees @ $11.25 ea]; $2,812.50 [250 trainees @ $11.25 ea]

REMINDER CARDS: Package of 25

Deeper Discounts

Additional Quantity Discount Pricing: Please call 407-859-1191 or email us.

Organizational Discounts

Discounts available for Governmental, Educational and Nonprofit organizations [see next tab].

Governmental, Educational and Nonprofit Discount Codes

For governmental, educational and nonprofit organizations, add the appropriate discount code when checking out:

GOVERNMENTAL 10% Government Discount Code: GOV10
EDUCATIONAL 25% Education Discount Code: EDU25
NONPROFIT 25% Nonprofit Discount Code: NP25
DISCOUNT EXCEPTIONS: Items not eligible for discounts include: Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts [Book]; From Jokes to Genocide; Diversity Competencies Assessment
Please call 407.859.1191 for governmental, educational and nonprofit discounts on workshop facilitation, keynote presentations and custom learning design services.

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