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Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts
by Leslie C. Aguilar

Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts helps you be a more effective communicator in today’s diverse business environment. The book provides guidelines for communicating respect and inclusion, a six-step model for how to recover when you have unintentionally said something you wish you hadn't and your foot is in your mouth, and 12 techniques for speaking up against bias and stereotypes.

Published by WALK THE TALK Company, Dallas, TX, 2006
Chapter Titles
The Language of Inclusion
Communication Recovery - What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Speaking Up Against Bias Without Blame or Guilt
Planning for Inclusion
About The Publisher
Since 1977, The WALK THE TALK® Company has helped organizations, worldwide, achieve success through Ethical Leadership and Values-Based Business Practices. They offer a full range of proven resources and customized services - all designed to help you turn shared values like Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Customer Service, Trust, Communication and Commitment into workplace realities.
I loved your Ouch! book! Read it cover to cover. What I liked about it was that there were such great concrete examples. And the examples covered a broad continuum – from cool, casual comments to more formal ways to express oneself. The book offers so many valuable and useful perspectives that are hard to find elsewhere. I love the DJ example of “Whoa, I'm not going there.” So many people don't know what to say. I used this book as a unit in my “Interpersonal Communication” course and my students all responded enthusiastically. What a great balance of information and insight without being preachy, Leslie. Thank you!
Sue Easton
Communication Professor, Rollins College,
and Author of Communicating Globally: Intercultural Communication and International Business
Multicultural Customer Service: Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures
by Leslie C. Aguilar and Linda Stokes

In the ever-changing world of business, one principle remains constant: a satisfied, loyal customer is your most valuable asset. As the world becomes a smaller place, customer service providers are being faced with the challenge of meeting the diverse needs and expectations of a growing multilingual and multicultural customer population.

In Multicultural Customer Service: Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures you will learn how to provide excellent customer service to individuals from a variety of backgrounds. By examining customer service scenarios, completing a series of self-assessment exercises, and reviewing case studies of organizations that have mastered multicultural customer service, you will develop the skills to make every customer feel 'at home.' This book is being used by customer-focused organizations throughout the U.S. as part of their customer service training. Multicultural Customer Service also helps you and your organization deliver the best customer service possible, whether you have one customer or one million.

Chapter Titles
What is Customer Service?
Multicultural Customer Service Needs
Providing Multicultural Customer Service
Communicating Across Cultures
Developing Cultural Understanding
Communicating Across Language Differences
Overcoming Barriers to Multicultural Customer Service
Multicultural Customer Service: Service Examples and Heroes


From Jokes to Genocide
by Leslie C. Aguilar

Leader’s Kit for a 30- to 60-minute training activity.

Explores the role of silent collusion and other seemingly small behaviors in creating a workplace and society that are divisive, disrespectful, demeaning or destructive for individuals and groups.

Encourages self-reflection and group discussion on the choices we make, and how to choose more productive, inclusive behaviors.

Furthers the conversation from Ouch! Your Silence Hurts.

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