Diversity and Inclusion eLearning
Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business
Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
Similar Yet Unique: Race & Ethnicity
Everyone Has One: Gender
Stronger Together: Age & Generation
New Insights: LGBT Community
Understanding the “T” in LGBT: Gender Identity & Gender Expression
Key Concepts
Diversity Representation
Respect and Inclusion Perception
Stereotypes and Generalizations
Bias and Prejudice Discrimination
Collusion Cumulative Impact
Equity and Equality Ally Behavior
Humor Myths and Misperceptions
Bias-Free Customer Service
Cultural Competence Legal Guidelines
The Business Case and More

Presented by:

Leslie Aguilar, the author of the best-selling
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts video-based training [2007]

Dr. Steve Yacovelli, author of Overcoming “Poopy” eLearning: How to Create Engaging On-Line Learning That People Will Actually Want to Take [2011]

Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business…

is a self-paced, guided learning experience that engages your leaders in critical learning and skill-building. The six modules, approximately 20 minutes each, cover a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics.

The content is contemporary, pertinent, customizable, and it’s not boring!

Your employees will actually want to complete these modules!

This on-line course will help supervisors, managers, and other leaders to:

Understand and communicate the Business Case for diversity and inclusion
Demonstrate they value and respect diversity in all aspects of their role
Respond appropriately to diversity-related situations with customers and employees
Expand awareness of themselves and others

Series modules include:

Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion
about us
Everyone Has One: Gender

Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business
is customizable for your industry or organization.

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Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business