Diversity and Inclusion eLearning
Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business
Exploring Diversity & Inclusion
Similar Yet Unique: Race & Ethnicity
Everyone Has One: Gender
Stronger Together: Age & Generation
New Insights: LGBT Community
Understanding the “T” in LGBT: Gender Identity & Gender Expression
Key Concepts

Diversity Inclusion Cultural Competence Respect Perception Stereotypes and Generalizations Unconscious and Conscious Bias Prejudice Discrimination Silent Collusion Cumulative Impact Equity and Equality Humor Ally Behavior Myths and Misperceptions Bias-Free Customer Service Legal Guidelines The Business Case The Leader as Role Model Diversity and Inclusion Skill-Set and More

Presented by:

Leslie Aguilar, the author of the best-selling
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts video-based training [2007]

Dr. Steve Yacovelli, author of Overcoming “Poopy” eLearning: How to Create Engaging On-Line Learning That People Will Actually Want to Take [2011]

Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business…

is a self-paced, guided learning experience that engages your leaders in critical learning and skill-building. The six modules, from 30 – 60 minutes each, cover a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics.

The content is contemporary, pertinent, customizable, and it’s not boring!

Your employees will actually want to complete these modules!

This online series will help supervisors, managers, and other leaders to:

Understand and communicate the Business Case for diversity and inclusion
Demonstrate they value and respect diversity in all aspects of their role
Respond appropriately to diversity-related situations with customers and employees
Expand awareness of themselves and others